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A new and safer lighting solution for your bike

Hundreds of people dying on our streets each year while riding their bikes. Our solution provides higher visibility in traffic and reduces accidents all over the world.

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Chris Jorda

Founder | CEO

Jonas Usinger

Co-Founder | Designer

Coming Soon

Co-Founder | Marketing

We created a modular lighting solution for bikes. One system that fits everyones needs. Driving in cities? We have a solution. Country roads? We got you covered.


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Our daytime running light features a turn function and a modular headlight and it runs on just a single battery. You can choose a battery out of three different versions. So there is always something to suit your individual needs, and the control unit can be attached and detached extremly quickly, within a matter of seconds.


Our Headquarters

Auf dem Umgang 31
65611 Niederbrechen
Phone: (49) 6438 9198995