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Cycling is a worldwide leisure activity and means of transportation, but cyclers are often involved in accidents.

In 2016 more than 125.000 cyclers were injured on US and German roads, 1200 of them died. The majority of those accidents happened due to mistakes of the cyclers or due to low visibility.

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid mistakes but we can make them more visible:

Our LED lighting stripes provide a higher visibility of the cycler during his journey.

You enjoy your ride and we make you more visible!

Chris Jorda

Chris Jorda

Founder | CEO
Jonas Usinger

Jonas Usinger

Co-Founder | CCO
Dunja Buchhaupt

Dunja Buchhaupt



Our first pilot production consists of 2 white front LED stripes, 2 red back LED stripes, a battery and the mounting clips to attach the stripes easily to the bike frame. Our stripes are universal which means that they can be attached to any bike frame.

With our cool and innovative lighting system you make your bike stand out from the rest.


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We created a modular lighting system for your bike with a running time of more then 3 hours. The battery can be easily taken off from the bike frame and recharged via an USP connection.


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